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Tips for Choosing a Transmission Shop

  1. Are they AAA discounts.    AAA discounts requires an outstanding commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Click HERE to learn more.
  2. Better Business Bureau.    Check to see if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Check their standing. In the best case, see if they are an Accredited Member. Click HERE to learn more.
  3. Warranty. Evaluate the warranty provided. Be sure it covers parts, labor, and towing. If you travel, a nationwide warranty is very important. Look for any deductibles charged for each repair.
  4. Pictures and visits. Will the shop take pictures of damaged parts and email them to you? Do they welcome you into their shop to see the parts for yourself? If you made an unscheduled visit, would what they show you match with what they tell you?
  5. Diagnostics. Do they charge for diagnostics, even if you don't repair the vehicle?
  6. Towing. Will they tow your vehicle for free if you have a major repair performed?
  7. Satisfaction Guarantee. Will they guarantee your satisfaction when the job is complete?
  8. Price Guarantee.Will they give you a quote (after appropriate inspection) that will ensure no surprises when you come to pick up your car?
  9. Female and Family Friendly. Do they take pride in female and family friendly service?
  10. Price Quote.Select a shop that only gives you a firm quote only after appropriate diagnostics and inspection. If your transmission requires internal repair, an accurate quote cannot be obtained without disassembling the transmission.
  11. VIP Loyalty Program. Check for any programs that give you back something of value for your loyalty.
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