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Transmission Slipping

Slipping is a condition where the engine revs higher, but the vehicle lurches but doesn't increase speed. It may occur in one or more gears. Generally, this is caused by a low pressure situation, but can be a sign of excessive wear in the transmission. Only a full, Free Diagnostic can determine the exact cause. This diagnostic takes a bit more time to diagnose fully, it's still free. This is where a really good shop might be able to really save you some money by potentially avoiding having to rebuild your transmission, if they take the time on the front end to correctly investigate the cause.

Letting this problem slip (pun intented) can result in signficant damage to the transmission. Slipping produces more heat than the transmission can handle. It is not uncommon for us to see a transmission that has been neglected to have steel parts welded together from the heat.

Causes of slipping could be:

Slipping will burn your transmission fluid quickly, so we recommend that you keep your driving to a minimum and get this checked quickly.

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