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No Transmission Engagement

When you shift your gear from Park to Drive, and the car wants to move, that's called engagement. No engagement is a condition where start the car, put the car in gear, and nothing happends. No movement, forward or reverse. It may seem unusual, but it's still not a foregone conclusion that you need to have your transmission rebuilt - it still may be possible to repair it. There are still severl external problems that are easily repaired that can cause this. The only problem is you have to get it towed in. Now is when you really need to be sure you can trust your repair facility, because many shops will take advantage of a non-mover. That's why our AAA and Better Business Bureau ratings are so important to us, and why it's so important to check out online reviews.

Causes of no engagement include:

A Free Diagnostic can isolate the cause, potentially saving you from bying a transmission rebuild you don't need.

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