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Leaking Transmission Fluid

Your automatic transmission operates on transmission fluid. It is responsible for lubrication, power transfer, and hydraulic power to operate the transmission. If it's leaking, it can become a big deal.

First and foremost, we need to determine exactly what fluid is leaking, and address that leak. It's hard to determine that just by looking at the puddle under your car. Once that has been determined, and if it's from the transmission, we need to determine just what is leaking. Pans, drain plugs, accumulator pistons, axle seals, front seals, rear seals, are just some of the places transmission fluid can leak from. During our Free Diagnostic we can find where the leaks are coming from, and make a service recommendation to correct the leak.

If your car is one of those without a dipstick, you can't check the fluid level yourself. This is a dangerous situation. If you run the transmission low on fluid, you can destroy it in a few miles. Towing is cheap insurance, and costs only a tiny fraction of what you would save if you can keep from damaging your transmission.

Not all fluid puddles are from leaks. Transmissions are equipped with a vent tube, that could, under certain conditions, vent fluid. This can result either from overfilling the transmission, or overheating. Both conditions warrent further diagnostic from a qualified transmission specialist.

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