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Clutch Slipping

Clutch slipping is when you release the clutch, but it doesn't fully engage. There are several possible causes of this:

A thorough Free Diagnostic can pinpoint the cause. While clutches have a fair amount of material on them, letting them completely wear out can be expensive. Clutch facings are riveted in place. If the clutch facing wears to the point where the rivets are exposed to the flywheel, it can score the flywheel so deep that it cannot be resurfaced. Replacement will be required. Many cars, paticularly Europen cars, have dual-mass flywheels that can be very expensive to replace.

Clutch replacement involves replacing the clutch disk, presure plate, pilot bearing and release bearing. Often, other shops will not replace the bearings. This is a big mistake. These are every inexpensive components that commonly are provided in the "clutch kit", and take almost no labor to install. Be sure yours are replaced if you're having the clutch replaced. Also, flywheel resurfacing (another required step often omitted) requires a grinder, not a polishing wheel. Be sure yours is resurfaced properly if you have the work done somewhere else.

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