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Why You Should Choose Us:

Differences In The Way We Do Repairs.

We do things a bit differently. You deserve the best. At Mr. Transmission of Marietta, we will earn your confidence and become your trusted advisor for your car care needs. You'll find there are many differences that set us apart from the other guys.

Our team of ASE certified repair experts are highly motivated to do the job right the first time. We will break down technical "shop talk" into simple language for you. You will be shown, either in person or by email, your transmission while under repair, so that you understand and approve of any repairs necessary before we start.

Repairs will only be done with your permission, and at a firm price quoted after a thorough examination of each part of your transmission. The price quoted is the only price you pay. You have the peace of mind knowing there will be no surprises when you come to pick up your car.

We will help our customers through a successful vehicle repair experience because we truly care. We will dedicate our efforts and industry knowledge to understand our customer's vehicle and personal situation so that we can best assist them through a positive experience. Our goal is to maximize the safe and useful life of the vehicle while minimizing the financial investment for repairs.

We Thrive on Referrals and Reviews.

We don't have a large advertising budget. Large advertising budgets only increase or costs, and therefore increase our prices. Our business grows and thrives on referrals. That's why your satisfaction is critical to our success and that's why we're the only AAA Approved Transmission Specialty Shop in Atlanta and Marietta.

Check our our reviews. They're what our customers have to say about us. When (Not IF) you're as happy with our work, we'd like you to leave a review to help us grow our business and keep our prices down.

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