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FREE Performance Check

The free performance check or diagnostic is where our process starts. Here, we thoroughly examine your vehicle to determine what, if anything is wrong, and what might be required to repair it. During this phase, we will test drive the vehicle, being sure that we experience any issues brought to us by the vehicle owner.

Computer Diagnostic

Since transmissions are normally computer controlled, we will use our computer scanning equipment to analyze the data flow from your vehicles' computer to see what the computer is commanding of your transmission. Then we will compare this to your transmission and your transmissions' execution of those commands. Most often, this is the critical step omitted by other shops to save time. We will scan for any error codes stored in the vehicle computer memory, since many codes that may be stored on do NOT turn on the check engine light. We will then perform a very complete visual inspection, which may include dropping of the transmission pan and examining the contents. We will check for any Technical Service Bulletins that may relate to the issue.

Drivability Analysis

Once we have determined that the vehicle is safe to drive, we will do a thorough driving analysis to experience every condition the transmission sees in normal driving. We will monitor the shift points and how each gear is engaged. Depending on the results, additional diagnostic test and component checks may be performed.

Service Recommendation

When all the diagnostic work is complete, we will then be prepared to make a service recommendation based on the facts and findings. By being so thorough, we are more likely to find the cause of the problem and determine the most cost-effective means of repair.

All of this work does take time. Usually we spend 2 to 4 hours with the vehicle. Sometimes more, sometimes less. All we ask is patience. To get a vehicle looked at the same day, we need to have the vehicle in early, usually before 8:30 am. This allows us the time to do the diagnostic and work it in with other vehicles as well as paying work. If your problem is a cold problem, it would be best to leave it overnight, so we can see the vehicle when the transmission is really at its lowest temperature.

Once any repair recommendation is made, we also provide a range estimate for the cost of the repairs. This range estimate can be considered a firm estimate, since the final repair quote will fall inside the range provided. There are never any surprises when you pick up your vehicle after the repair.

For further information on the actual repair process, go to our Repair Process Page.

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The FREE Diagnostic Evaluation of your automobile may include the following:


Best of all, it's FREE.

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